Maule M7 Orion

Based on the Maule M-4, it is a high-wing, strut-braced monoplane of conventional configuration, available with tailwheel or optional tricycle wheeled undercarriage and frequently used as a seaplane with twin pontoons. The basic M-7 has a longer cabin than its predecessors the M5 & M6, with two seats in front, a bench seat for up to three passengers behind them, and (like the M-6) an optional third row of „kiddie seats“ at the rear. Extra cabin windows can be fitted if the „kiddie seats“ are to be used. The MX-7 uses the same fuselage as the M-6,which is a modified M5 fuselage but the same wing span as the M-5, and incorporates the increased fuel tankage, hoerner style wing tip and five-position flaps designed for the M-7.
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Maule M7 Orion UNI Repaint
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Maule M-7